Breelan Angel - Diamond In A Rhinestone World

Breelan Angel
Diamond In A Rhinestone World

It was some three years ago that I first came across young Texas singer Breelan Angel, and from the outset I was suitably impressed by her refreshingly authentic, uncompromising and gutsy approach to her music. This seven-track mini-album is the follow-up to her widely-acclaimed DIRTY LITTLE SCRETS 2014 debut, that produced no less than four charted singles, including Halfway To Wasted and She Made Your Bed. This new set represents a real leap in confidence and songcraft for Breelan. Greater maturity has brought forth both a looser, bolder style and a more sharply focused worldview. A brilliant rite of passage record in which she writes deeply about young women’s hopes and doubts, she showcases a diverse set of material that feels right at home with her passionate in-the-pocket vocals, which have a slant of southern sass to them. The songs touch on the deepest emotions of Breelan’s own storied life with an unswerving honesty.

Rub A Little Dirt On It sets the pace offering a hint of Breelan’s fun-loving, positive and uplifting character. With its blend of fiddle and steel guitar, this pure country track brims with confidence and playful grit. Fiddle sets the pace for Dancin’ With The Devil, a wryly observed song about our own failings and insecurities, contrasted with the giddy rush of falling in love. Nothing Cuts Like A Diamond demonstrates her startling ability to cut straight to a song’s emotional core, conveying the heartbreaking journey from youthful fantasy to crushing reality. Then she showcases a more funky style with the feisty Coal Digger, with rock-styled electric guitar replacing the fiddles and steel guitar and a newly discovered hard-edged vocal workout. There’s an immediacy, an honesty and emotional vulnerability to Winnebago that is uniquely Breelan as she pulls you in with this passionate song about the choices we make in our lives and how it’s never too late to change. She closes this all-too-brief collection with Rhinestone World, a playful tale about a young woman’s passion for her music over hype and image.

Breelan Angel is cute and wholesome with a raw, punchy voice and lyrics that engage, uplift and resonate with passion and truth. The work of an artist in her prime, this captivatingly heartfelt, exquisitely crafted album will further enhance her reputation among modern country music’s most gifted emerging artists. A combination of tenacity and respect for her roots is what just might separate her from the pack. Breelan Angel has the talent to take it as far as she wants it to go.
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